Making Bread

Have you ever thought about making your own bread? These days, there are so many good reasons to give it a go. Making your own bread by hand needs a little hard work but it’s great fun and the delicious smell and taste of freshly baked bread makes it all worth while. Using a breadmaker (or bread making machine) is a little easier and produces some great results.

Breadmakers really are the best thing since sliced bread!! If you have never seen a breadmaker used before, then you are in for a surprise. They really do take the hard work out of it and the end results can be superb. Once you have eaten freshly baked bread straight from the oven, maybe with a little butter to help it down, and perhaps a glass of wine, you will know just what I mean. See our tips on choosing a breadmaker

You can of course make bread by hand if you have the time, skill and patience but there is a huge choice of breadmakers available nowadays with a seemingly limitless number of optional extras to make them more versatile and your job more easy, so if you intend to bake more than the odd loaf, either just for fun or to save money instead of paying the bakers, you’ll do well to invest in a good bread making machine.

You will need to look at your budget before you go spending your hard earned crust as prices differ enormously depending upon how sophisticated your breadmaker needs to be. Most machines will prepare and bake a standard white or brown loaf and most have built in timers so that you can set them up in the evening and be woken up the next morning to the smell of a fresh hot bread. Some of the more complex machines will automatically add all sorts of ingredients such as nuts, raisins and fruit.

There are also some excellent bread making books available and our book page will give you an idea of some of those available. This may help you decide on a machine. If your budget is small and you want to buy a breadmaker mainly to save money then even the most basic and inexpensive machine will make tasty bread at a very economical price. If you can spend a bit more however, you will have a choice of loaf sizes, degrees of crustiness, baking times, dispensers for different ingredients, programmable timers and the ability to make many types of bread.

Soon you will be able to look forward to years of good, tasty and healthy bread, cakes, buns and more all from your new breadmaker.

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